The world of Cairne is steeped in history and myth. From it’s birth in the age of dreams and the cataclysmic godwar to the exodus of the Valkyrian and the founding of Bastion and rise of the modern realms, Cairne is a world forever changing and moving. It is a cruicible where heroes and villians of all races are born and forged in the darkness of desolate kingdoms and the fires of strife.

Cairne is forever changing. But will it change for better, or for worse?

Tale from the Reach is a campaign set in the custom world of Cairne, and takes place in a sparsely populated region of the Valkyrian highlands up against the Hammerwind Mountains. The land is still wild, with tribes of men and other humanoids roaming the rocky grasslands and powerful gales and creatures venturing down from the perilous peaks looming above the region. The town of Khybars Reach is the furthest point of Valkyrian civilization settled, and its distance offers the settlement a fair bit of independance from the noble houses of Basion, but also offers solitude from their armies and protection.

For character creation: All D&D 4e books are usable, plus Dragon magazine content. Attributes are generated using Method 2 (PHB 17).

Tide of fire